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quite lovely

i felt confused, bewildered, ashamed, and aroused all at once. brilliant work!

fuckin aaaaa

the american government is filled with jews, they staged the entire event (put a jew in a turban and tell me the fuckin difference) so that they could get the world pissed at the arabs, kill the fuck out of everyone in iraqistan, steal their oil, and reap the profits of all of their natural resources, while simultaneously using the war as an excuse to rape america's economy and steal our moneys as well. big conspiracy, duh. those towel heads cant even afford hats, how they supposed to get plane tix??

Charcoal125 responds:

true words


sounds like somebody jacked the sound effects from thps

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i loved it

the graphics couldve been neater, but i liked it!

seemed more silent hillish though, resident evil isnt that easy to follow...

ScottishAdam responds:

silent hill and resident evil very similar styles of play

dj frost, ur a tard

obviousely, youve never used flash, or youd know what this guy had to go through to make this shit. first of all, it is not impossible, i just beat it. second, "the everything" didnt suck, it was well done to the highest degree. its not like he can magically pull any game out of his ass. he has to program it, and actionscript the fuck out of it to get a game. dont criticize these things, unless you actually know what the fuck you are talking about.

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i like it

a lot of cool sounds coming out of one instrument, it's a cool take on ambient music. the distorted lead guitar riff comes off a bit loud tho eh, kinda clashes with the chill vibe

Pseudofed responds:

Yeah? I appreciate the honesty. I'll play around with the levels and see what comes of it. Or did you mean the lead kills the chill mood all together? Thanks for your kind words, man!

cool song bro!

as far as advice, i noticed some of those synthesizers tended to distort when they got into the higher notes. higher notes are naturally just louder, so when i hear that stuff happening i like to try to lower the volume of the higher notes to balance out and help the melody blend better. i love everything in this, but those higher melodies get sort of overpowering. ;]

Waryax responds:

And one more reason for me to get to the musical line: I didn't know higher pitched notes are that much louder. Or actually I didn't think about it at all, of course I have sometimes noticed it but haven't really thought about it. Thanks for this little tip, it's really helpful for any future projects too! ^^


it's happy as fuck, i dig it. and the melody makes me think of donkey kong country for some reason. there's some cool countermelodies in this as well. and the break is hardcore. i am impressed. and i am a man who is not impressed easily. i stroke my beard to you, good sir.

RetromanOMG responds:

Yours is a fantastic beard, sir. Thank you for this comment.

*tell your friends about this song*

im an angry monster made entirely out of poop, who eats babies, and terrorizes NGs with nether-stiffening electronic music and offensive garbage. you might as well dance to my techno music while you quake in fear.

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